53-seat coaches

Our 53-seat coaches are the ideal choice for large groups or longer journeys, benefitting from our focus on passenger comfort. Instead of maximising the capacity of these vehicles, our interior specification focuses on making the passenger experience as comfortable as possible. This means sacrificing a potential six further seats so that all 53 passengers benefit from additional padding and legroom. Likewise, we always opt for a triaxle chassis when investing in coaches of this size, ensuring that they have space for everyone’s luggage without surpassing vehicle weight limits. As modern, top-of-the-range coaches, these vehicles are also fitted with all the latest safety and environmentally-conscious features.

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These coaches include:


  • Deluxe half-leather reclining seats with additional padding and increased leg room
  • Seat back tables & magazine nets
  • Individual foot & arm rests
  • Luxurious Flotex carpets
  • USB charging points for every seat
  • Multi-screen DVD system and Radio/PA system
  • Forward-facing camera that allows the driver’s view to be displayed on the screens
  • Toilet and washroom, complete with hand dryer
  • Kitchen with hot and cold drinks facilities, including two fridges
  • Climate control (central heating & air conditioning) for optimum travelling comfort
  • Large panoramic, tinted, and double-glazed windows
  • Curtains for every window
  • An additional central exit/entrance door
  • Maximum luggage capacity
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Remote pre-heater to warm the vehicle before you board
  • Kneeling device to lower the coach for easier boarding and alighting
  • Wi-Fi available on request


  • Multiple brake systems, including engine breaking, ABS & ASR
  • Electronic stability program to help stabilise the vehicle in adverse situations
  • ABES – Autonomous Emergency Braking System*
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – automatically controls the vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe distance*
  • GPS satellite navigation system
  • Constructed to the latest safety standards
  • 3-point seat belts
  • Regular in-house maintenance to ensure reliable and safe performance
  • Euro 6 compliant engine that meets the latest and most rigorous emissions standards
  • Fog maker engine fire suppression system*
  • Eight-camera CCTV system

*Available within 2019/20 vehicles onwards

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