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Considering coach hire for your corporate event?

Corporate events come with a long checklist of things to get right, from revised presentations and company appearance to travel arrangements. Considering the options for your employees’ journey can enable you to find an opportunity that will not only transport the entire team safely from door-to-door, but also enable time for vital team bonding. Consider…

What to look for when choosing a coach hire company

When arranging for a group trip, be it for business or pleasure, there is usually a great deal of pressure in choosing a reliable mode of transport. With multiple factors to take into consideration, from distance and comfort to timings and safety, we have created a complete guide into what you should look for when…

Is there VAT on coach travel?

We commonly hear the term VAT being thrown around throughout daily life, whether we be at work, doing our weekly shop or out in public, but what is VAT and when does it apply? What is VAT? Value Added Tax (VAT) is added to the majority of goods, products and services throughout the European Union…

Coach pick up points for Heathrow Airport

After a long-haul flight or a week away relaxing in the sun, the reality of getting back to your home or hotel can hit hard. When arranging return transport, the simplified and well-structured options available will be the ones to catch your attention. You will want to ensure that the coach hire company that you…

Coach pick up points for Gatwick airport

After departing your flight when returning from a getaway, it is a common feeling to wish to get home as soon as possible. When travelling as a group, you may have to hire a coach or minibus service to transport you home safely. Some coach hire companies will work to simplify the homeward travel for…

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