Co-ordinating a group trip can sometimes be a hectic experience. With the existing demands of planning a trip plus an abundance of extra companions, simple things like when to set off can seem like the end of the world. With these simple travel tips on collaborating with a large group, you can put your worries aside and enjoy your group trip.

Assign a point of contact

Having a point of contact for the various aspects of your trip will reduce any potential confusion. For example, one person consistently liaising with the coach driver about travel details and one person taking care of the finances ensures that there is clarity in the group. As long as you can find volunteers to take these responsibilities, it will allow your group to travel seamlessly.

Keep track of your seat capacity

Keeping track of the number of travellers on your trip will allow you to be safe in the knowledge that your companions are present before moving off again. Although it may seem reminiscent of a school register, having a list of names and numbers will allow you to maintain communication with people. A head count may just be the easiest way of keeping up with a big group.


Communication is one of the most important factors when travelling with a group. Whether you’re telling your group of friends what time to re-convene or collaborating with your coach driver to establish a meeting point, communication will allow you to keep everybody in the loop. You’ll feel more secure planning activities when you know that everyone is aware of the details.

Size up

Travelling in a large group, it can be common to feel cramped. To combat this, it may be an idea to size up when it comes to the capacity of the vehicle you travel in. If your group has 35 people in it, it’s might be worth considering a 53 seater coach instead of the 36, giving you more room to sit separately and guaranteeing that there will be enough space if you have lots of luggage.

Create an itinerary

Creating an itinerary will allow your whole group to know where they’re going to be at all times. This way if there is a problem in communication, the group of people can refer to the itinerary and know where the next point of contact should be. By giving your coach driver a copy of this, you’ll be ensuring that their schedule is updated and they’re always aware of where they are meant to meet you.

Pack for all circumstances

Travelling in a large group can result in you having many options on how to spend the day. Although you may be organised when planning your trip, there is always room for spontaneity. Due to this possibility, making sure you pack for all circumstances will allow you to be comfortable whilst out and about. The benefit of travelling with a large group is that someone will likely always have what you need.


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