After a long-haul flight or a week away relaxing in the sun, the reality of getting back to your home or hotel can hit hard. When arranging return transport, the simplified and well-structured options available will be the ones to catch your attention. You will want to ensure that the coach hire company that you choose will be reliable, punctual and safe, allowing you to continue to feel relaxed even though your trip is nearing the end.

Pick-up points

Your chosen coach hire service should be aware of the pick-up points within the grounds of Heathrow airport, but you may not be. Let us summarise the pick-up points available for coaches so that you will be confident in locating your vehicle. A good coach hire service will take a note of the Heathrow terminal you are landing at and work out the exits in which you may use, positioning themselves at the nearest pick-up point, allowing you to find your vehicle quickly and easily, simplifying your journey back home.

Terminals 2 and 3

A short walk from terminals 2 and 3, you will locate the central bus station where your coach could be awaiting your arrival. The bus station is open 24 hours a day, whilst the travel centre is open from 6am – 10.30pm.

Terminal 4

Just outside of Arrivals at terminal 4, you will find coach stops 13 and 14 where your coach may be waiting.

Terminal 5

Just outside of terminal 5’s Arrivals exit, you will find coach stops 9 through to 15. Your driver may inform you of the bay at which they are awaiting your arrival.

Choosing your coach hire service

When choosing a coach hire service to collect you from Heathrow Airport, it is important that you research or look for positive recommendations. An experienced service will be aware of the stress and complications that could arise during your time at an airport and so will aim to simplify your journey as much as possible. A company that supplies a 24-hour contingency service would also be highly beneficial as flights don’t always run like clockwork, and it is common to experience delays. A contingency service will remain on standby to collect you from Heathrow Airport, no matter the length of postponed time.

Here at City Circle, our service is bespoke and tailored to you. Our bookings team will work with you to recommend the most practical pick-up locations for your journey, whether that be inside or outside of the airport’s grounds. Based just an 8-minute drive from Heathrow’s terminal 4, we have expert knowledge on the locations surrounding the airport, allowing us to collect you from any location which you desire on board our 27, 36 or 53-seat coaches.

If you would like to find out more about our coach hire service, get in touch with our friendly team at City Circle by calling our London branch on 020 8561 2112 or our Edinburgh branch on 0131 333 2700. Alternatively, you can email us at where we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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