Do you have an event coming up that you require travel for? You might consider hiring a private coach in order to transport your group in luxury. Coach hire is much more convenient and comfortable than public transport, especially for large groups. Before booking your private coach hire, it’s a good idea to ask some important questions to clarify the details. Take inspiration from these questions when you’re hiring a coach:

What sized coaches are available?

Knowing what sized coaches there are to choose from will allow you to finalise numbers within your group. You may be using your private hire for personal and professional reasons – maybe you’re going to a conference with your business. Knowing the capacity of the coach will allow you to plan forward – what size will you need for your group?

What storage spaces are there?

You’ll need to let your group know how much luggage they’re able to bring with them – they’ll need to pack accordingly. Many coaches have a cargo hold on the side, and there is also storage above the seats. Looking for a coach to hire that has the maximum amount of storage available for its size is essential, as it ensures that your packing isn’t compromised due to lack of space.

How much will it be?

The price of your coach will be calculated from a variety of factors. It will depend on the distance of your journey, the number of passengers (and therefore the size of the coach), the time of day your journey will be at, and how far your coach company must travel to get to you. If your journey is longer and you require multiple drivers, this will also be more expensive. Finding out the price will allow you to plan your finances for your trip.

What accreditations or experience do the drivers have?

It’s worth enquiring about the training the drivers receive, as well as whether the company has been granted accreditations. This will reassure you that the company you are hiring is reputable and will transport you in luxury. For example, here at City Circle our drivers are re-trained every five years to ensure a seamless service, and our accreditations are plentiful.

What features do the coaches have?

The more features your coach has, the more comfortable your journey will be. Amenities such as climate control (central heating and air conditioning), USB charging points, a refrigerator for cold drinks, Wi-Fi and modern interiors will ensure a brilliant journey for your passengers. If you have the choice to hire a company with these top-quality features, choose them.

Are there health measures being taken?

It’s imperative that you know your coach is clean and safe. A lot of time should be spent on ensuring the coach’s cleanliness to guarantee passenger safety. While it is your choice to wear a face covering and use hand sanitiser, knowing that the coaches are kept immaculate and sparkling is bound to give you peace of mind.

Here at City Circle, our fleet of coaches is kept clean and presentable at all times, not to mention all of the features we offer on board. Our drivers are trained to the highest standard and we are dedicated to providing a five-star service for you and your passengers. If you require assistance or would like us to answer some of your questions, contact our reservations team by calling London: 020 8561 2112 | Edinburgh: 0131 333 2700.

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