When you’re on your way to your corporate event or embarking on a walking tour around the UK, it’s important to pack appropriately for the journey. Many people love long journeys, giving them time to unwind from a long week or catch up on admin tasks that have been at the bottom of their to-do list. When the drive is a little longer than you’re used to, it may be an idea to bring some extra supplies. Here is a list of packing tips when embarking on your coach travel experience:

Food and water

It’s important to stay hydrated during a drive, however long it may be. Not drinking water regularly can lead to dehydration. Similarly, not having a sufficient amount of food with you can result in a lack of energy, which isn’t ideal for any activities you have planned after your travel experience. Bring food and water to make sure you’re prepared for the day.

Personal items

Many people take comfort in having their personal items with them during a coach trip – especially if they’re travelling to somewhere they’ll be staying overnight. This can include your wallet and phone with your money and personal details. Having these in your possession will be reassuring, and if there’s an emergency when you get to your destination, they’re essential to have.


Your journey on a coach can be the perfect opportunity to catch up on down-time. Take this chance to read the books you’ve been hearing about or watch a TV series on your phone. You can even take the time to catch up on some sleep, and if this is your aim it may be an idea to bring an eye mask with you, increasing your comfort.

Work supplies

If you’ve decided to utilise your time on the coach to get some work tasks done, you’ll want to bring these supplies with you. Whether this is your laptop or a notepad and pen, the time at your disposal within the comfort of the coach will ensure that you can get work done to a high standard during your drive. We even have USB ports if you need them.

Comfort items

Luxury coaches come equipped with climate control, so you will be able to ensure that you’re at a comfortable temperature. However, if a passenger near you is using the air con strongly it may be an idea to pack a blanket or thick jumper, just to ensure that you’re not uncomfortable. For longer coach experiences, you could think about bringing a pillow to catch up on sleep.


It’s imperative that if you have any medication that you need to take regularly, you have it with you. In addition to this, if you have allergies and require an EpiPen in case of emergency, be sure to pack this in your bag. Coaches are rigorously cleaned and inspected but, if it makes you feel more comfortable, you can bring a mask and PPE with you.

Now that you’ve packed accordingly, it’s time to begin your coach travel experience. At City Circle, our seamless coach service is capable of taking you anywhere you need to go, whether it be on a group tour or for dedicated staff hire. To arrange an experience on one of our state-of-the-art coaches, call London: 020 8561 2112 | Edinburgh: 0131 333 2700. We look forward to hearing from you.

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