If you are looking to book a summer trip abroad for family, friends, or employees, the new year is a good time to arrange this. Coach travel is a cost effective and enjoyable way to travel between destinations. Not only can you plan your trip to your preferences, but it also offers you an effective way to enjoy the scenery and plenty of space for you to store luggage. Coach travel can be the ideal solution for large groups. Find out why you may want to choose a coach as your mode of transport for your next holiday.

Cost-effective travel

When travelling as a large group, it can be a more cost-effective option to travel via coach. You can split the travel costs between all of you, and many destinations offer a group booking discount which you can take advantage of. This can work out significantly cheaper than booking individual flights and accommodation separately and travelling to the continent via coach will can be significantly less than the cost of alternative methods.

Enjoyable scenery

Whilst a coach may be a slower form of transport than other alternatives, it provides you with a unique opportunity to enjoy the sights of the country which you are travelling to. You can take in unique landscapes and beautiful countryside which you would not be able to enjoy using another method. The opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and take in places of interest on your way to your destination is a unique benefit only offered by coach travel.

Storage space

One of the other benefits of coach travel abroad is the amount of storage space coaches can offer. Whereas travelling separately will mean you are sharing a car between multiple people, or you have one suitcase allowed on your flight, a coach offers significantly more storage space. You can rest assured you will have enough space for all essential items, as well as any other luggage you may wish to bring such as games or sports equipment. These can provide important entertainment for your trip!


In many ways, coach travel is safer than car travel when abroad. Knowing you are in the hands of an experienced coach driver who has confidence driving abroad or driving on unfamiliar roads can put your mind at ease. You can rest assured you are travelling safely, and your group can feel secure at all times whilst on board.


The comfort and relaxation that you can enjoy aboard a coach gives it a clear advantage over flying or travelling in a car. You have the space to stretch out and access to an onboard toilet will mean you don’t have to repeatedly stop at service stations. Each seat can also benefit from air conditioning and passengers can bring their own supplies for the journey. This can help create a comfortable environment that allows you to arrive at your destination fully refreshed.

If you are interested in booking coach travel for your trip abroad, City Circle can cater to your needs. You can book our private coach hire, or we work with tour operators and can arrange coach travel throughout Europe. With multiple different coach sizes to choose from, we can cater to the needs of your party. If you would like to discuss your options with us, give us a call today. London: 020 8561 2112 | Edinburgh: 0131 333 2700.



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