Up against the stunning views of Canada and the tricky, treacherous challenge of the Alps, walking through the UK’s unpredictable weather may not seem appealing. However, it holds some of the most captivating walks in the world. From the windy White Cliffs of Dover to the waterfalls weaving through the Falls of Glomach, the UK offers impressive views of its own. Simply pack your walking boots, arrange your transport and get exploring!

Cotswold Way

With paths stretching the South of England, the Cotswold Way walk can be tackled in sections – you don’t have to walk all 102 miles in one session. Many enthusiastic walkers take 10-12 miles to enjoy throughout a day. The route offers beautiful villages to travel through, along with gorgeous views and historical sites to visit. Conquering this route with your walking group will make for a satisfying summer.

Tramway Trail, Cornwall

The Tramway Trail, nestled in Cornwall (known for its brilliant beaches), is 37.5 miles made up of six different walks. You can start small with a walk that’s a mile long, or make a day of it and walk the 11 miles of a coast-to-coast trail. You could even face the challenge of more than one path in a day if you’re ambitious… The views in Cornwall will treat you to coastlines that steal your breath, along with peaceful fields and meadows.

Northumberland Coast Path

The Northumberland Coastal Path spans 62 miles of some of the best coastal views in the UK. The everchanging landscape excites walkers, with dramatic beaches and abandoned castles that walking groups can take pictures by, to remember their achievement. The walk can be split up into manageable chunks and is perfect for walkers that love a challenge. Accommodation is sprinkled along the trail for those that are taking on the entire path, with villages that your group can peruse.

Snowdon, Wales

Mount Snowdon – the highest mountain in Wales – has long been frequented by groups of walking enthusiasts. With six paths to choose from, the walks are deemed difficult so allow your group between 6-8 hours to get up and down the mountain. The paths range from 7 to 9 miles, but once you reach the top the views will make it all worth it. At the summit, a vista of glittering lakes and lush valleys will mean you’ll never want to make your way down. Don’t forget your camera! At the end of it, you’ll be able to say you’ve touched the highest point of Wales…

So, when planning your tour of the UK with your walking group, make sure to factor our top choices into your agenda. They won’t disappoint you! Here at City Circle, our tour operations service will allow your walking group to travel in a luxurious coach to your starting point, giving you that all-important rest and relaxation you’ll need before your walk.

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