Touring the UK is an action that should be taken up by Brits themselves as well as those travelling from abroad. With countless sights to see such as the monumental attractions of Stirling Castle and Stonehenge, to the peaceful locations of Canterbury Cathedral and the Eden Project, this is a journey you may wish to do in comfort. With the popularity of coach travel rising, what better time to explain the benefits that you could experience whilst travelling the length and breadth the country in aboard luxury.

Sophisticated comfort

Long gone will be the hustle and bustle of public transport, a hand full of tickets and heavy arms from carrying luggage and additional accompaniments. With a clean and spacious vehicle, you can be transported across the UK aboard luxury. Additional features such as on-board refrigerators can allow you to sip on your cool beverage whilst remaining warm and dry (perfect for the unpredictable weather seen across the UK) in your plush recliners.

Group travel

Remove the hassle of booking multiple cabs, arranging car shares or catching public transport, as well as the additional risk of separation and various arrival times, and travel in style as part of a group. Enjoy the journey with a guaranteed seat beside your friends, family or colleagues and share the experience of a luxurious, stress-free UK tour together.


When being transported from location to location aboard a plush coach, rightful trust in your tour operator and coach driver can allow you to relax from the moment you step on board. There will be no requirement to arrange the journey route yourself, observe traffic or plan timings as this can be controlled by your travel team. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your journey.

Take in the views

When travelling in your own vehicle, it is unlikely that you will be able to relax and take in the views that the UK has to offer whilst on the move. Instead, your attention will be on your Sat Nav and the road ahead of you. Public transport may even take you on an underground route, resulting in all scenery being removed from your journey. Why not opt for coach travel, allowing the passing sights to have your undivided attention, observing every inch of your UK tour.

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