Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting things to happen in your adult life. It is also, many say, the most stressful. The outfits are picked out, the rings are sitting patiently in their boxes and the catering is arranged. After the momentous decision of choosing your venues, however, comes the difficult task of arranging transport.

On what may be the most important day of your life, you don’t want anything to go amiss. Leaving your guests to their own devices with transport could result in some getting lost or being late to the reception. This is the last thing you want on an occasion that’s about bringing people together. To ensure that your group is safely on the way, it could be an idea to hire a coach for them to travel in luxury. Here are some benefits to choosing coach hire for your wedding guests…


Instead of organising separate taxis for your guests to arrive at the wedding reception (this could be very costly for a large wedding), it may be much more cost-effective to arrange coach hire so that you’re investing in one vehicle, transporting your guests in one trip.

No GPS needed

By leaving guests to organise their own travel, you could be at risk of your guests becoming lost on their way to the venue. GPS in taxis and in guests’ own vehicles is not always reliable. With coach hire, your driver will understand the roads and will have planned the route – your guests will arrive in a timely manner.

No possibility of late arrivals

If your wedding party travels together, there is no likelihood that your guests will arrive in dribs and drabs. If there are multiple different vehicles transporting people to the venue, there is a chance that some could get stuck in traffic and arrive later than anticipated. Keep your group together in a luxurious coach.

Environmentally friendly

We all know the environmental benefits of coach hire rather than alternative travel, so why not carry this into your wedding? Hiring different vehicles or modes of transport will create a much more negative impact on our world than coach hire. You can arrange transport for your guests responsibly, having a green environmental impact.

Bring your guests together

If your guests all travel together, they’ll be guaranteed to carry on the festivities. There’s no reason to break up the ceremony and the reception by having your guests travel separately – if they’re on a coach they’re able to relax together and gush about what a beautiful couple you are. It tells your guests that you value their support, which is a kind gesture in the midst of a celebration.

If you’d like to organise private hire for your wedding guests, City Circle is the company to come to with our seamless service. Our coaches are comfortable and high quality – your wedding guests will be transported in style. To organise your journey with us, call London: 020 8561 2112 | Edinburgh: 0131 333 2700. We’ll take the stress out of your hands with our state-of-the-art fleet.

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