In a time when environmental issues are at the forefront of our minds, it’s important we do our best to be kind to our surroundings. The way we travel can have a large impact on the environment – fuel and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are one of the main contributors to the decline in our environment’s health. It’s been discovered that coach travel is one of the most eco-friendly ways of travelling. Let us tell you why.

Less vehicles on the road

A coach with a capacity of 53 seats can replace up to 13 four-seater cars on the road. With less vehicles congesting the streets, it will mean that the amount of pollution pushed out of exhaust pipes is decreased. Not only is this better for the quality of the air we breathe, but it could result in less fuels harming our environment. If you’re trying to change your lifestyle even a little, think about switching your journey to coach travel.

Less fuel consumption

As well as our individual carbon footprints, vehicles contribute their own harmful fumes. The emission levels vary in different modes of transport, with domestic flights causing the highest amount of CO2 output in our atmosphere. Coach travel ranks as the second-most efficient way to fulfil your journey – a car with one passenger produces six times more CO2 emissions per kilometre.

This drastic difference between the impacts of coaches and cars shows us how harmful driving a personal vehicle is. It can be so easy to change the way we live to help our environment; booking a coach journey is just a small step in the right direction.

Impact for the future

By travelling in a vehicle that’s more fuel efficient, we can help our environment have cleaner air in the future. Decreased fumes coming out of our exhaust pipes will significantly reduce the amount of smog and pollution we have in our atmosphere.

The less pollution we produce via the burning of fossil fuels and gases will mean that we slowly protect our ozone layer. If we continue life as we have been, global warming will continue to be an issue, bringing about more changes to the climate. Fumes could also be detrimental to our physical health; it’s not only our environment that’s affected. Too much of the contaminants in the smog around us could mean an increase in respiratory diseases, as well as other issues. So, if the motivation of saving our world isn’t enough, think about our collective health. If we can make changes now, the negative impacts will gradually decrease.

Here at City Circle, our state-of-the-art coaches are installed both internally and externally with the newest safety features, ensuring that they protect our environment with each journey. What’s more, our entire fleet conforms with the Euro 6 regulations, and the fumes released are purer than the air you would breathe on Oxford Street. We’re devoted to our customers as well as the environment we live in.

To book your coach travel experience with us, contact our reservations team by calling London: 020 8561 2112 | Edinburgh: 0131 333 2700 and we’ll help you out with our seamless service.

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