Finally, after what seems like a lifetime, the ability to travel is slowly returning. Whether it be a tour around the sights of the UK or transport for a work event, travelling within a luxury coach is the epitome of comfort. Although we’re beginning to regain some semblance of normal life, we still need to make sure we’re cautious when we travel now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing. Here’s how we’re dedicated to keeping you safe when you hire our seamless services.

Before your journey

Before you arrive for your coach journey, we’ll ask you to send us a full list of names of who will be attending. We’ll also need their contact details for NHS’s Track and Trace. If anything changes before the journey, let us know!

During your journey

During your time with us, we’ll take a number of precautions to keep you safe whilst adhering with the guidelines, such as:

  • One passenger per double seat. In order to maintain the 2m social distancing rule, we’re running our coach service at half capacity, and you must leave the seat next to you free.
  • Your luggage will be stored in the coach by our drivers who will be wearing gloves. Hand sanitiser is available at the front of our coaches, and we encourage you to use as you board.
  • Our drivers will always wear a mask when they’re on the coach with you, and we’d appreciate it if you did the same for them.
  • Our toilets will unfortunately be out of service for the time being, to avoid breaking the social distancing rules.
  • The ceiling vents and the driver’s window will be kept open at all times to encourage the flow of fresh air.
  • We will also be using the air-flow feature on our coaches, which distributes fresh air rather than re-circulated air.

General care

To ensure our passengers are entering a clean environment when travelling in our state-of-the-art coaches, we implement regular deep cleaning in between every driver and every group of passengers. This way, we know we’re doing our absolute best to keep you safe. There will also be regular safety announcements throughout your journey, and our drivers will keep their distance from you at all times.
Furthermore, if your journey is cancelled due to COVID-19 we’ll give you a full, quibble-free refund.

Registered standards

To reinforce the confidence you have in our company, here at City Circle we’re registered with the We’re Good To Go industry standard, meaning we can reassure you that clear measures are in place to make travelling with us completely safe.

We’re also a part of the Safe Travels scheme, giving you that extra assurance that we’re devoted to taking care of you and your health.

Our team at City Circle have been transporting passengers aboard luxury since 1999, and even during these turbulent times, you can rely on us to make your journey memorable. To find out more about our coach hire services, contact our reservations team today by calling London: 020 8561 2112 | Edinburgh: 0131 333 2700 and we’ll be happy to help you.

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