For your summer trip with work, friends, or family, you may be planning a trip to Ascot. The iconic racecourse plays host to one of the events of the summer with some of the most renowned races on the horseracing calendar. If you are booking your tickets with a larger group, it is important to make travel arrangements in advance. Coach travel can suit the needs of your group, with convenience and comfort not offered by other modes of transport. Find out why you should consider coach hire for your day out.


One of the reasons that you may wish to opt for coach travel when planning a trip to Ascot is due to the convenience it provides. Rather than travelling by train or in separate vehicles, choosing one pick-up spot where your group can congregate eliminates the hassle of these alternative modes of transport. Once you arrive at Ascot racecourse, the designated area for coach parking allows you to have a short walk to the entrance. This means you can quickly enter and exit the venue without having to deal with the large crowds on public transport.


Whilst alternative methods of transport may require you to drive or sit on a crowded train, coach travel provides comfort and relaxation that can make your day out at Ascot that much more enjoyable. Your coach will come equipped with reclining seating, air conditioning, plenty of leg room, and charging points, as well as a refrigerator for your cold drinks. You will have everything you need for your journey.


Whereas separate modes of transport may involve high fuel costs and expensive train tickets, coach travel can be a more affordable option for your group. The number of people that a coach can carry means that the cost can be split among the members of a large group. This can result in an overall saving for your party on travel costs. With the additional benefits of coach travel on top of the affordable price, hiring a coach is often an easy decision for groups.

Ease of travel

Opting for coach travel means that you will be in the hands of an experienced driver who can make your journey as straightforward as possible. This also means you won’t have to worry about planning your route to Ascot. Your driver and your coach company’s operations team will be able to account for road closures or other sources of disruption. They will ensure that you arrive at your destination as soon as possible so that you can make the most of your day out.


Coach travel provides more of an opportunity for your party to socialise. Travelling to Ascot with your whole party in a private environment can add to the fun of your day. Being on the same coach gives you the chance to speak with everyone and make the journey into more of a fun experience than would be had travelling separately or on public transport.

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