Looking for a reliable way for your staff to travel into the office this new year? With industrial action continuing on trains and individual car journeys contributing to pollution and disruption on the roads, coach travel could be a practical way for you and your staff to travel between branches, attend important events, or commute to the office. Coach travel can be tailored to suit your business, and can work effectively as a comfortable, cost-effective way for you and your employees to travel. Find out how coach travel can benefit your business.

Why use coach travel for your business?

How can coach travel benefit your business you may be wondering? Allow us to explain why you and your colleagues should consider this method of transport for commuting or travelling as part of your business’s affairs.


Travelling by coach is one of the most cost-friendly ways for you and your employees to travel. Depending on your budget and usual spend on travel for meetings or other events, you can make a significant monthly saving on this expense. You could also discuss this with your employees to organise a coach travel arrangement that suits all of their needs and allows them to save on their train or fuel costs.


For many commuters, the dreaded train journey involves packing into a small carriage, struggling to find a seat or even a space with room to move at the busiest times of day. To avoid this chaotic journey and be able to relax on your way to and from work, a coach can offer a much more favourable journey. A guaranteed comfortable seat and the additional space that you and your employees need on these journeys can improve the mental wellbeing and productivity of your whole team.


Depending on where you and your employees are based, coach travel may be the best solution for you all to get to and from the office. Meeting at an easy-to-access pickup point can ensure you all have one convenient place to converge before travelling to work together. This will allow colleagues to arrive at the office at the same time and make their journey to work a lot more convenient.

Team building

The additional time that your employees spend travelling to the office or between meetings together can have a positive impact on their relationships with each other and how they interact in the workplace. If your team spend time travelling together this can allow them to get to know each other better and develop friendships that build team spirit and improve productivity in the workplace.

If you feel like coach travel will suit the needs of you and your employees, whether this is for corporate events, travelling between meetings, or the daily commute, we can help. At City Circle, we have 36-seaters and 53-seaters coaches depending on your requirements. These modern coaches have all the facilities you could need for a work journey and offer a comfortable alternative to public transport. To discuss your preferences with us, call now. London: 020 8561 2112 | Edinburgh: 0131 333 2700.


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