Over the course of the pandemic, the use of public transport plummeted as people were discouraged to travel without an essential cause. Whilst public transport companies are doing their best to keep their vehicles clean, it’s understandable that people may still be feeling unsafe in public spaces. Even now, as some offices are opening for business, major London train stations still feel barren and deserted.

With this residual hesitancy, there has been debate about how much the demand for public transport will be reignited. People have started replacing their shorter bus journeys with active travel and private car journeys. Because of this, it’s expected that the take-up of public transport will continue to be lower than pre-pandemic statistics for a while.

So, how will people maneuver around their need to travel to the office and maintain their feeling of safety? Here are some of the benefits of taking care of your employees’ journey to the workplace by providing them with a journey of coach-travel luxury…

Higher productivity

If your workers are anxious about the ease of their commute home, it could have a negative impact on their productivity, consequently affecting the way your company runs. Ensuring that your employees’ journeys are ones of ease can result in minds which are much more likely to engage in their daily tasks.

Cost effective

Employees travelling to work as a unit can be much more cost-effective than the alternative. Commuting works out as a large sum of the average UK worker’s monthly budget. Choosing to travel as a collective group with a seamless coach travel service may be able to save your employees money, easing that financial concern that has only been exacerbated during the last year.

COVID safe

As statistics show, if many of your employees utilise public transport to get into the workplace, the risk they are at increases, resulting in a higher risk of infection within the team. Caring for your employees journeys not only allows them to feel safer, but improves the likelihood of good health within your workplace.

How City Circle can help you

To transport your employees to the workplace, consider our dedicated staff travel service. All of our bespoke services can be tailored to your exact requirements whilst we work with your company to ensure your employees’ journeys remain punctual, hassle-free and safe. Whether your needs range from providing staff with connectivity to the office, or transporting them to a company event, our services can help you.

Our high-specification fleets range from twenty-seven to fifty-three seats, allowing your workers to travel together whilst adhering to social distancing rules. We also ensure that all of our coaches are cleaned between every use.

Get in touch with our City Circle reservations team for more information on transporting your employees in luxury. To contact us, call London: 020 8561 2112| Edinburgh: 0131 333 2700 and we will be happy to assist you on your travels.

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