Edinburgh has a wonderful array of arenas and stadiums that host all kinds of sports, music events, and other forms of entertainment. These huge venues are some of the city’s most notable and popular spots and are well worth a visit.  Follow our simple directions to get out and have fun. Even better grab a load of mates, hire a coach & go together!

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Murrayfield Stadium:

Located in the west end of Edinburgh, Murrayfield is primarily the home of Scottish rugby. It first opened in 1925 and has since undergone several expansions and renovations. The stadium has hosted numerous international rugby matches, including Six Nations Championship games and Rugby World Cup matches.

With a seating capacity of around 67,000, Murrayfield Stadium is one of the largest sports venues in Scotland. It also boasts the world’s largest permanent stadium television screen, known as “Murrayfield TV.”

Fun Facts: In addition to rugby matches, Murrayfield Stadium also hosts music concerts, including past performances by popular artists such as Madonna, U2, and the Rolling Stones. Directions: You can reach Murrayfield Stadium by taking the tram from the city centre directly there. Buses also provide convenient access to the stadium.

Edinburgh Castle Esplanade:

Edinburgh Castle Esplanade is an iconic location that serves as a venue for various events, including the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. The esplanade has a rich historical background and has witnessed military parades and ceremonies for centuries. A vast open area located in front of Edinburgh Castle; the Esplanade accommodates huge audiences whilst offering spectacular views of the city.

Fun Facts: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, held annually on the esplanade, is a world-famous event that showcases impressive military displays, music, and dance performances from around the globe. Directions: The Edinburgh Castle Esplanade is easily accessible by public transport. Buses and trams are available from around Scotland, and the esplanade is within walking distance from the city centre.

Meadowbank Stadium:

Situated in the eastern part of Edinburgh, Meadowbank has played a significant role hosting big sporting events over the years. It was built in 1970 and served as the main venue for the 1970 and 1986 Commonwealth Games. The stadium has a capacity of around 20,000 and offers facilities for athletics, football, and other sporting activities. Following a recent major refurbishment, the sports centre offers a wide range of sporting facilities including an outdoor running track and dedicated throws area, two 3G artificial pitches, a gym with 120 workout stations, three large fitness studios, a gymnastics hall, space for dojos and boxing, two squash courts, two sports halls, a café and an outdoor velodrome at Hunter’s Hall beside the Jack Kane sports centre.

Fun Facts: Meadowbank Stadium has witnessed remarkable sporting achievements, including the setting of world records in athletics events during the Commonwealth Games. Directions: To reach Meadowbank Stadium, take a bus from the city centre, with several routes passing near the stadium.

Corn Exchange:

The Edinburgh Corn Exchange, located in the southwest of the city, has a rich history as a marketplace dating back to the 19th century. It was converted into an events venue in the 1990s and now provides a range of versatile spaces, including a main hall with a capacity of around 3,000 people. The legendary Corn Exchange venue was rebranded in 2021 as The O2 Academy Edinburgh after an historic takeover of the 3,000-capacity venue by the Academy Music Group.

Fun Facts: The venue hosts a wide range of events, including live music performances, exhibitions, conferences, and weddings. It has become a popular destination for both local and international musicians. Directions: The Corn Exchange is easily accessible by bus, with several routes passing near the venue, about 2.5 miles southwest of the city centre.

Fun days – and nights – out for everyone

These Scottish arenas and stadiums offer a hugely diverse range of entertainment options and contribute to the vibrant cultural scene of Edinburgh. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, or an art or music lover, the venues provide truly memorable experiences for visitors and locals alike. What are you waiting for!

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