When arranging for a group trip, be it for business or pleasure, there is usually a great deal of pressure in choosing a reliable mode of transport. With multiple factors to take into consideration, from distance and comfort to timings and safety, we have created a complete guide into what you should look for when choosing your coach hire company.

Review your requirements

Before looking into the coach hire options available to you, you should review your requirements. Coach sizes in various fleets can vary, and so you should confirm the number of passengers you wish to transport, including those who require disabled access, allowing you to avoid amending bookings last minute and risking disappointment. You should also consider factors which are often not thought of until the day of travel. Will you be needing a toilet on board? Will you be looking to pop open a bottle of bubbly or share a lunch with your group? Will luggage storage be required?

You should also confirm your journey pick-up and drop-off points as well as any stop-off locations along the way. Timings and dates are also crucial parts of information you should confirm before seeking coach hire assistance. Booking a vehicle for the wrong date or time of day could cause you delays or even cancellations. Once you have reviewed your requirements, you can move on to seeking out the coach hire companies that align with your necessities.

Try your locals

When hiring a coach for a journey, be it long-haul or short-haul, it would be most practical to seek those companies who are local to you. Requesting for travel from Hastings to Birmingham from a company based in Edinburgh would be unpractical, costing you higher rates for a longer overall journey time – that’s if your request isn’t denied! Choosing a local company will also allow you to relax in your seat knowing that your driver will know your required routes like the back of their hand.

Check the website

When finding coach companies, check their websites thoroughly. Look for images of their branded coach fleet and drivers, allowing you to see if the mode of transport is suitable for you and inform yourself of what shall arrive on your day of your booking should you choose to book with them. You should also recap their services, coach sizes, safety measures and the types of hire they operate for, allowing you to be certain that they can cater for you. To be extra thorough, you could look up their company number which will be found at the very bottom of their homepage of often on their ‘contact us’ page. This will allow Companies House to let you know if they are a legitimate registered company. If no number is visible on the website, try searching their full business name over on Companies House.

Read up on the reviews

Much like anything else these days, the majority of coach hire companies will have a reviews section either displayed on their website or published on search pages and forums such as Google and TripAdvisor. These reviews will give you an insight into their realistic reputation, allowing you to see how satisfied past customers have been with their vehicle and services and whether they would recommend or use the company again. This is where you will find the most honest of opinions, allowing you to make a well-informed decision on your choice of coach hire company.

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