Safety is our number one priority. As one of the UK’s largest privately-owned coach companies, we have the resources to implement the latest safety measures within our fleet, investing considerable time and money into safeguarding our passengers. Our coaches are never more than three years old and are regularly replaced with new, high-specification vehicles that are fitted with the latest safety features. By taking this approach, we ensure that we stay up-to-date with technological developments in the industry, and can continue to operate a fleet of the very best coaches that are available on the market. This requires a significant investment, but nothing is more important than the safety of our passengers.

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To find out more about the safety measures we have in place within the City Circle fleet, contact one of our branches. We’re always happy to discuss how we prioritise passenger safety.

Rigorous safety standards

City Circle’s commitment to safety doesn’t stop at purchasing modern, high-specification coaches. Our engineering teams in London and Edinburgh carry out regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that every single vehicle in our fleet is operating as safely and efficiently as possible. Working with new vehicles assists this process due to the lack of wear and tear, as do the state-of-the-art maintenance facilities that we’ve built at each of our branches.

Having access to these facilities, alongside the mechanical and technical expertise of our engineers, ensures that our vehicles are maintained to the highest possible standard. Simply put, when you can carry out all the necessary work in house, there can be no excuses for not doing so. Vehicles receive an in-depth inspection from a member of our engineering team every six weeks, and are checked inside and out by a driver on a daily basis. You won’t find safer coaches on the road.

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